The Story Behind The Wine

Vinart Annual Achievments Award | Vinart

The Story Behind The Wine

Vinart Annual Achievments Award

Croatian wine scene is rich, propulsive and alive. The number of wine labels on shelves in stores is rising as well as the number of wine producers and distributors. Wine lists in restaurants often have good cross section of wines from Croatia and the world, tastings and promotions are held continuously, there are several wine schools and courses active, wine tourism is thriving. Behind all those trends, there are individuals who initiated them. Then wineries, associations, publishers, scientists and numerous enterpreneurs. We decided to award them for their contribution to Croatian wine scene development.

A board of renowned wine and gastronomy journalists and top Croatian sommeliers awards those who invest effort, push boundaries and introduce innovation in wine production and sales. There are several categories:

Person of the Year

Winery of the Year

Winery of the Year: Croatian Uplands

Winery of the Year: Slavonia and Croatian Danube

Winery of the Year: Istria and Kvarner

Winery of the Year: Dalmatia

Webshop of the Year

Wineshop of the Year

Supermarket of the Year

Wholesaler of the Year

Beside those awards, we also

In addition to awards, each year we give the title of Meritor to people who dedicated their life to development of wine culture, launching trends, preserving the wine tradition and promoting wine science and quality.