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Vinart Annual Achievments Award | Vinart

The Story Behind The Wine

Vinart Annual Achievments Award

VINART ANNUAL  ACHIEVEMENTS – ''And the Wine Oscar goes to....!''

On Monday, the 12th of November at Zagreb's chick Kaptol Boutique Cinema and WOW bar, the yearly so-called Wine Oscars, better known as the Vinart Year Awards were awarded to those who have in the past year achieved recognition on the Croatian wine scene, and have made the biggest contribution to wine culture with their work and care devoted to the drinkable creations.

Around 250 notable guests from the media, entrepreneurship and the wine world gathered to pay respect to those whose names are no longer reserved only for the wine-nerds but are becoming a household name.

''We are extremely proud that the awards for best winemakers and wineries have found their place in Croatia and that they have with that proved steadiness of wine culture, and the ever growing interest for Croatian wine and wine culture in general. Therefore, I hardly congratulate to everyone, not just the winners, and am looking forward to many more years ahead that are to hopefully bring us growth and achievements in the wine world. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, Romerquelle and Lidl, for their contribution to our event.  – said Saša Špiranec, the founder of the Vinart Anual Achievements awards.

Amongst the victors that stood out during the evening was the legend of Croatian Wine, Vlado Krauthaker who took the award for ''Romerquele Person of the Year'', and the Miloš Winery, for the ''Romerquelle Winery of the Year''.

In the category of ''Lidl Regional Winery of the Year,'' the award went to the wineries Šember for the Croatian Uplands region, Krauthaker winery for Slavonia and Danube, Fakin for Istria and Kvarner, and winery Miloš for Dalmatia.

The category for ''Vinart's Trader of the Year'' awarded Roto dynamic d.o.o. as the ''Wholesaler of the Year'', Bornstein Wine Bar for the ''Wine Shop of the Year'', and for the ''Webshop of the Year'' time.

'' The Miloš Winery has for the past 30 years has without compromise been promoting Pelješac and the variety plavac mali, as well as expressing the terroir and the importance of the terrain of the Dalmatian coast. We are very happy that our work and all of our efforts have been recognized by not only our colleges but our customers – because when you set your goa to do something without compromise, in work and life in general, it tends to be hard to reach out the wider audiences. When at the end of it all it shows as possible and successful, it is a great thing'' – said Ivan Miloš.

''This was our 43. harvest and we are extremely proud of this acknowledgment. It is a wonderful thing when after years of work you see that the Krauthaker wines are respected not only in Croatia but in the region and wider.''  - said Vlado Krauthaker.

Except for the Annual Achievements, awards were handed to the personas for their Life's Work have put in debt Croatian wine-making and wine culture.
To Franjo Lebar, for his work and him being the pioneer of winemaking in Međimurje, as well as introducing the variety Sauvignon Blanc to Croatia.
To Ivan Enjingi, who became a living legend who build the image of one of the most important vineyards in Croatia, the one of Kutjevo, rose the quality standards of wine and received many international acknowledgments.

To Zlatan Plenković, who sadly could not take the award himself so his son Nikola did it for his fathers work in pointing to the importance and true potential of plavac mali on the domestic market, and with that began a new era where imported reds started to be overlooked when compared to today's most important Croatian red in Dalmatia.


To Vlado Borošić, a merchant amongst winemakers, a legend who is a time when wine culture did not exist in restaurants, he in the company of winemakers recognized a group of young and prosperous winemakers from the region of Goriška Hills and Istria. For practically creating a new wave of modern winemaking, and for enabling winemakers to live off their craft.


To Nikola Mirošević. From the island of Korčula, a professor, a scientific author, a mentor to the majority of those who went on to teach enology and ampelography. In a time when genetic analysis was still a nonexisting filled and when discovering where wine varieties came from and what the authenticity they hold, he started to build ampelography as such.  

Alongside the Vinart Anual Achievement Award, the awards by the organization WOW – Women on Wine were handed out in five categories. For the best sparkling wine to Bolfan's Centurion Gold. For the best white wine to Jasna Antunović Turk for her Graševina Premium 2013. For the best Rose, the award went to Rose Teuta and the Prović winery. The best red wine was awarded to the Benvenuti winery for their Teran 2015. And the award for the best sweet wine went to the Bibich Winery and their Prošek Ambra.