The Story Behind The Wine

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The Story Behind The Wine


Perhaps not as visible as some, publishing is the glue that holds together the entire fortress called Wine Marketing. We believe it is impossible to do wine marketing properly without encompassing it in publications and media messages thoroughly thought through. This is an ever growing field in our Company and the final shape is yet to be seen. With no exceptions, accompanying our work with one kind of written text or another is the rule we abide and a promising archive for future publications.

What do we do?

There's a common goal to everything we do and this goal is to further promote the wine culture. When we write about wines (Publishing), when we organize festivals (Event Management), when we mediate between winemakers and relevant media (Media Relations) or promote winemakers to target audience and professionals (Strategic marketing and Branding). We care for the proper presentation of wines. Once the wine is made, it starts its long search for its devotees. Vinart tries to eliminate obstacles on its way.